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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Oil and Gas Law Explained by Our Ohio Oil & Gas Lawyers

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Drilling for oil and natural gas is not new in the State of Ohio, but drilling activity is increasing as energy independence becomes more important nationwide. The increase in these activities has resulted in the passage of laws to control where and how the drilling and production process is performed....

Subcontractors BEWARE – Ohio Supreme Court endorses “Pay-if-Paid” Clauses

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It was a long standing principle of construction law in Ohio that between an owner, a contractor and subcontractors, the contractor was in the best position to gauge the economic strength of the owner and thus bore the burden if the owner went insolvent and could not fulfill its obligations under a construction...

Our Cleveland OH Attorneys Outline FAQ’s About Children and Divorce in Ohio

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In divorce cases, no laws are more important than those that involve the care and welfare of minor children. Anyone who is considering a divorce or dissolution and who is also caring for minor children should become familiar with the laws of the state of Ohio that govern children and divorce. What is...