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OSBA Leadership Academy

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Associate Laura Wellen attended Session 5 of the Ohio State Bar Association Leadership Academy at the Ohio Judicial Center on June 11th, 2015. Laura is pictured below along with other attendees of the Leadership Academy and Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor. Ms. Wellen was among a select number of Ohio...

Ending a Marriage When Children are Involved

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Ending a Marriage when Children are Involved By: Heidi M. Cisan, Esq.Thrasher, Dinsmore & Dolan, a Legal Professional Association. If you have children and are facing the end of your marriage, one of your biggest concerns is what will happen with your kids when you separate.  You may have heard...

The Divorce Process Outlined by Attorney, Heidi Cisan

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Legally ending a marriage is often depicted in movies and television with dramatic court hearings and lawyers aggressively grilling each spouse. In reality, the process of ending a marriage typically involves very little time spent inside a courtroom.  Most of the time devoted by your attorney to your...

TD&D Attorney’s Successful Trial Court Decision Upheld on Appeal

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In November, 2014, Thrasher, Dinsmore & Dolan, a Legal Professional Association, partner Ezio Listati secured a unanimous decision on appeal. The dispute arose between two businesses, where, at the conclusion of a divorce between two married business partners, Mr. Listati’s client owned one...

Geauga County Bar Reporter Ipso Jure

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David Lowe, Dan Cronin and Mary Jane Trapp have all had articles published in this months Geauga County Bar Reporter Ipso Jure.  Please click the link below to read! Ipso Jure

Our Cleveland OH Attorneys Outline FAQ’s About Children and Divorce in Ohio

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In divorce cases, no laws are more important than those that involve the care and welfare of minor children. Anyone who is considering a divorce or dissolution and who is also caring for minor children should become familiar with the laws of the state of Ohio that govern children and divorce. What is...