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Chardon OH Lawyer Wins Decision in Shooting Range Case

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Dale H. Markowitz recently received a favorable decision in the Court of Common Pleas Geauga County, Ohio. In an administrative appeal to the court, Dale’s client wished to open a shooting range in an industrial building in Newbury Township and made a zoning variance request to that effect. Newbury Township had previously agreed, in a settlement, to grant a different applicant a zoning variance …to open a shooting range in that same industrial building, but the plans with that applicant fell through. Eleven months later, however, Newbury Township’s Board of Zoning Appeals refused to grant the client’s zoning variance request to open A shooting range, which was very similar to the initial applicant’s request. Judge Fuhry found that the decision not to grant the client’s similar variance request was unfair and unreasonable and further ruled that the client’s variance request to open the shooting range should be granted, subject to reasonable conditions.

R. Blake Frederick vs. Newbury Township Zoning Inspector