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Oil and Gas Law Explained by Our Ohio Oil & Gas Lawyers

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Drilling for oil and natural gas is not new in the State of Ohio, but drilling activity is increasing as energy independence becomes more important nationwide. The increase in these activities has resulted in the passage of laws to control where and how the drilling and production process is performed. Many of the laws and administrative rules resulted from oil and gas litigation when the rules were not as comprehensive. Drilling involves many complex issues for both drilling companies and land owners. Our Cleveland oil and gas lawyers help decipher these laws and apply them to specific situations.

Contract and Lease Negotiations
Experienced attorneys can assist land owners with contract and lease negotiations with oil and natural gas companies. This includes issues that many land owners don’t think about, such as pipeline right-of-ways, insurance and post drilling impacts. Many farmers and other land owners are approached by gas or oil companies to enter into an industry-drafted form lease agreement. With no legal background, these individuals are at a distinct disadvantage during the negotiation process. They don’t know what detrimental effects on use or valuation of their land may occur. An attorney who is well versed in this area of law can negotiate a contract that preserves their rights and land value. They can even often negotiate additional land owner perks, such as free gas, access improvements, or higher royalty payments.

Dispute Resolution
Oil and gas drilling involves many regulations and a variety of parties including land owners, drilling companies, insurers, pipeline companies, utilities, the State of Ohio, including the Ohio Department of Natural Resources , the Environmental Protection Agency and  many others. This can lead to disputes among the parties as to whether laws or agreements are followed properly. These cases can often be resolved satisfactorily through a dispute resolution process rather than heading straight to court. With over 38 years of experience in the field of oil and gas drilling, our Cleveland oil and gas lawyers know how to mediate disputes between adversarial parties to prevent the escalating costs and adverse results that can occur in court.

Oil and Gas Litigation
Our team of Cleveland oil and gas lawyers counsel clients on the legality of their operations in a proactive manner that prevents future oil and gas litigation. However, if litigation does occur, the experience and backgrounds of the legal staff will ensure that clients have the best representation possible.