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Oil & Gas, Mineral Rights and Natural Resources Legal Services

Thrasher, Dinsmore & Dolan, a Legal Professional Association, has represented landowners and oil and gas service businesses for decades. Historically, an oil and gas lease is often the most important and value-impacting document a landowner encounters. Because of our firm’s experience, our attorneys are at the forefront of Ohio’s current Utica Shale boom. We help clients seize this opportunity and maximize their land’s financial potential.

We help landowners, associations, and developers who wish to negotiate an oil and gas lease, forfeit an expired recorded lease to clear their land’s title, or challenge an existing oil and gas lease’s validity when the lessee does not explore or develop additional wells on the leased property.

Unfortunately, many landowners quickly sign a lease presented by an exploration company’s agent without negotiating the terms, because they are worried about losing that opportunity if other, more favorable locations are found first. However, unless a fair lease is negotiated, a landowner can be saddled with a poorly producing well for decades. This can prevent future development and significantly reduce the value of the property for residential, industrial and business use. In return, the landowner may receive only royalty checks so small that they are barely worth cashing at the bank. It is critical that the landowner understand the various streams of revenue that can be gained from a fairly negotiated and executed shale lease, including significant signing bonuses in addition to royalty payments. Without proper legal representation, a landowner may also fail to obtain sufficient liability insurance coverage benefits, particularly pollution liability coverage, to adequately protect themselves and their property. Our skill and experience in oil and gas lease negotiation and preparation ensure that our clients receive what they deserve for the extraction of valuable minerals from their land.

We also help clients purchase lease rights back from the lessee, often acquiring the well equipment for the landowner’s benefit; assist with well ownership transfers; and obtain well owner registration from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Oil and Gas Resources, and filing of the required bonding or similar security. We also help clients avoid mandatory pooling of their property with other surrounding lands when they do not want to participate in such development, or negotiate a better benefit package than would result from a mandatory pooling order from the Ohio Oil & Gas Commission.

Contact us to find out more about how our attorneys can assist in maximizing the potential of your land or energy operation. We combine our technical and environmental proficiency in these burgeoning operations with our deep understanding of the business side in the energy industry to help you achieve your personal or business goals.

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