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Thrasher, Dinsmore & Dolan, a Legal Professional Association, has a long and distinguished history of representing clients in real estate related matters dating back to the firm’s founding in 1931. Today, we remain one of the Northeast Ohio’s premier firms handling real estate related matters.

Simple or complex real estate matters can arise at any time. Our attorneys represent many clients in real estate related matters, which include some of the following areas:

  • Land Use and Zoning: We have been at the forefront of municipal and zoning issues ever since such regulations were first adopted in the area. In fact, we have litigated such matters from the local courts to the United States Supreme Court. We have extensive experience making presentations to local administrative agencies on behalf of our clients, and we also engage in mediating zoning and appropriation cases between governmental agencies, developers and land owners.
  • Environmental Matters: We counsel clients on the environmental issues present in the development, sale, lease, and acquisition of real estate. This includes helping clients with developing natural resources, managing risks, obtaining necessary wetland and stream impact permits, complying with surface water management, air, and water regulations, dealing with Voluntary Action Programs, and obtaining grants to pay for demolition and remediation of Brownfield sites. We also aid clients in extending sanitary sewers and water mains to developing areas, including appearing before health districts and health boards regarding on-site sewage systems.
  • Development and Construction: Our extensive experience includes representing developers in all aspects of their real estate projects, such as commercial and residential development, construction litigation at governmental and private developer levels, and easement and appropriation matters with public and private entities. We also assist and advise our clients on Tax Incremental Financing, Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund grants, Jobs Ohio grants and loans, Community Reinvestment Area development projects, and other incentivized development.
  • Condominium and Homeowner Law: We provide comprehensive legal counsel to our clients, both developers and homeowners’ associations, on a range of condominium and association issues.

When we represent developers, we guide them through the complex legal requirements that govern the establishment, maintenance, and eventual turnover of condominium and homeowner associations, whether for subdivisions, cluster developments, or condominiums. We work with developers to prepare and implement governing documents that maintain the desirability and quality of the development while also providing the framework necessary to allow for the successful completion of the development project. We also we provide the guidance necessary for the proper management of the association and transition of control from the developer to the association owners.

Our experience in creating and establishing associations gives us a unique insight into association law and allows us to effectively represent homeowner and condominium associations. We work with association boards to help them interpret and enforce their governing documents and assist with the amendment of documents that are outdated or in need of revision. We assist associations in the collection of delinquent fees and assessments by providing cost effective collection services and practical advice on the best ways to collect from delinquent owners. We also provide guidance on operational issues, including the enforcement of rules and regulations, corporate compliance, and association meetings.

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