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We are pleased to feature one of our new clients, Mademoiselle Wigs, LLC, a local, woman-owned enterprise. Here is owner Sandra Grimaldi’s story.

Mademoiselle Wigs was created to provide a personal service to women dealing with hair loss due to the side effects of medication, chemotherapy, illness, genetics, and the thinning of hair as we age. I was fortunate to be introduced to wigs years ago due to my own hair issues. I wanted women to have the same feeling I experienced when I tried on my first wig.

I believe most of the time we look in the mirror, it’s all about our hair.  It’s exciting to witness someone’s expression when she looks in a mirror and sees the transformation a wig can provide. It is possible to have the beautiful hair of your dreams.


The art of wig making has improved so dramatically that wigs look completely realistic and can be hard to detect. There have been many advances in technology that have allowed for countless improvements in the coloring, fibers, construction and wearability of wig products. They are lighter and more natural- looking, creating a new market of wearers devoted to wigs’ fashion versatility and style.


A wig is an investment that a woman can keep for a long time.  When purchasing a wig, there are a number of factors to consider, such as budget and lifestyle. Do you wish to cover all of your hair, or just the top of your head to add volume?  How often are you going to wear your wig?

One of the most important choices is between synthetic and natural hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are a great choice for convenience and ease. They work well for busy and active women, older or disabled women, or those wishing to conceal a medical or genetic condition.  They are less expensive than human hair. Women who do not want to be bothered styling a wig on a daily basis may prefer a synthetic wig, and synthetic fibers retain their color permanently.  A good synthetic wig is one that is hand-tied, has a monofilament top, and has a lace front which gives the appearance of a natural hairline.

Natural hair wigs are more expensive because the supply of human hair is more limited.  These wigs also require daily styling, and may require trimming to remove ends damaged over time.  However, only a human hair wig feels like natural hair. It is finer and softer than synthetic hair. It can be styled with heat appliances, blow-dried, curled, flat-ironed, crimped, and color-treated. By considering the primary reason for purchasing a wig, you can determine which type of wig best suits you.


Mademoiselle Wigs will meet you in the privacy of your home to help select the wig that is best for you.  We can also clean, condition, and style your wig.

The right wig can restore your self-image, and make you feel confident and look beautiful. For more information, call Sandra Grimaldi at (440) 226-7715 or visit the store in Bainbridge Commons, 17800 Chillicothe Road, Suite 250-1, Chagrin Falls, OH  44023.

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